Acupuncture for Pain Relief

Acupuncture for Pain in South FloridaIf you are suffering with a chronic or acute pain condition, it is time to explore the benefits of acupuncture for pain control. If you’re suffering we can help. We have helped many of our patients get pain free and we are confident that we can help you too. Acupuncture is safe, painless, and best of all effective in treating many forms of chronic and acute pain.

There are many therapies that attempt to stop pain. Most of them mask the pain while hoping the body is able to heal itself or push the body to heal faster while offering limited pain relief. Acupuncture for pain is an extremely powerful and effective approach to treat pain because it decreases pain levels as it stimulates the body’s healing response.

Acupuncture resolves pain by affecting several pain pathways and healing responses at the same time:

  • Raise endorphin levels and diminish the nervous system’s pain response
  • Decrease inflammation and swelling
  • Relax muscles and stop spasms
  • Increase circulation to the local area

“Acupuncture treatment was able to knock out a sciatic pain that I had endured for weeks. After the first treatment I was about 80% better. The second treatment knocked it out for good. I’m impressed and grateful!” ~ Irene B. (Margate, Florida)

You can use acupuncture to treat many types of sports injury and common pain issues, such as:

Acupuncture Works to Relieve Pain!

Acupuncture and Back Pain Relief in Margate South Florida
Sitting at a desk for prolonged periods can aggravate back pain. Thankfully acupuncture can help!

Acupuncture is best known for its ability to successfully treat pain. Pain itself is not a diagnosis, but rather an indication or warning that there is a problem somewhere in the body. Many times the exact location of pain points to where the problem is, as in the case of elbow pain above an inflamed tendon. But in other situations the site of pain may be related to problems far away, as in leg pain resulting from a herniated disk pushing on a nerve in the back.

The intensity of the pain usually indicates or warns how severe the problem is. Each person has a different pain threshold, but pain levels that increase or do not lessen over time point to something that needs attention. And the circumstances surrounding the onset of the pain are just as important. Was there an accident or incident? Or did the pain gradually develop over a course of time or during a certain period of life?

The characteristics of pain give important information about what is causing the body to send this signal. Once noticed, it is important to address the underlying problem that forced the body to send a pain message, not just turn down the discomfort. Otherwise the body will send out other warning signals until the core problem is corrected.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

This varies considerably based on the specific condition being treated. Each person receives an individualized treatment plan based on age, past medical history, lifestyle, treatment goals and current pain status. Generally speaking however, acute pain (less than 3 months duration) is often resolved in a short series of treatments spaced close together and chronic pain requires consistent regular treatment to achieve long-term pain relief.

How Else Will Acupuncture Stop Pain?

Acupuncture is effective for all types of pain conditions.
Sports injury responds extremely well to acupuncture as it speeds healing and recovery time

Almost every person finds acupuncture treatments for pain to be very relaxing. Many do not expect this effect, especially dealing with painful conditions, but acupuncture balances various parts of the body together. This results in a person feeling calm, peaceful and very relaxed. Pain is stressful and can wear someone down causing irritability, tension and insomnia. By relaxing the whole person, acupuncture also helps eliminate these other negative aspects of pain. And it does so in a natural way, with no negative side effects.


Acupuncture also looks at the entire person, not just the one part that hurts. This means an acupuncturist will offer suggestions for individual lifestyle improvements regarding exercise, supplements and diet, sleeping and stress management techniques to help a person improve health and decrease pain.

If you are looking to become pain free we are ready to help. We have helped many of our patients recover from very debilitating cases of acute and chronic pain. We truly believe we can help you too! Call us today to schedule your free consultation at 954-586-2273. We are located in Margate and within minutes of Coral Springs and Coconut Creek.

Acupuncture for Headache and Migraine

Acupuncture relieves headache and migraine
Acupuncture is well known for being able to reduce or eliminate the pain from headache and migraine

Western treatments for headaches usually involve the recommendation of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAIDS. The prescription of painkillers works just fine for occasional headaches. However, regular use of these drugs can cause secondary effects including gastrointestinal conditions like nausea, heartburn and diarrhea, liver stress as well as rebound headaches. Indeed, too much medication is known to cause rebound headaches, whereby excessive medication can be as little as two aspirins per day (Loh et al, 1984).

For thousands of years, TCM has had a remarkably consistent and philosophical outlook regarding the diagnosis, etiology, physiology as well as treatment plan for headaches and migraines. Research results (Linde et al, 2005; Diener et al, 2006; Loh et al, 1984) have consistently shown that acupuncture is a remarkably effective treatment modality for headaches and has been used to provide relief since the beginning of TCM. Acupuncture offers a huge advantage over Western medications in that it has no known side effects and does no harm. Indeed, numerous patients with chronic and recurrent headaches that had resisted conventional treatments have benefited from the curing abilities of acupuncture as their conditions have healed or shown incredible improvement.

Acupuncture is highly effective in treating headaches, migraines and many other conditions. WHO recognizes acupuncture and TCM as viable treatment alternatives for dozens of conditions. Acupuncture is unique in that unlike Western treatments, it has no side effects and its healing effects are long lasting. A 1984 study established that acupuncture eased chronic shoulder and neck pain as well as related headaches, with symptoms not recurring for months.

Learn more about how acupuncture works for many pain conditions including low back pain and headache at the Frequently Asked Questions About Acupuncture section, or call 954-586-2273 for a Free Consultation.