Homeopathic Injections and Mesotherapy

homeopathic injections south floridaMesotherapy or Homeopathic Injection Therapy, or Biopuncture is a therapy consisting of injecting biological homeopathic products into specific areas or acu-points. The name Biopuncture originated from combining the word biotherapeutics [bio-] with acupuncture [-puncture ].

Most of these injections are given under the skin or in the muscles. Mesotherapy injections are done under the skin, and absorbed by the mesodermal layer of the skin. We use only safe, natural, and effective FDA approved homeopathic solutions from GUNA and HEEL.

Mesotherapy has a variety of applications including pain management, weight loss, cellulite reduction & face and neck rejuvenation. At our wellness clinic in Margate, we use mesotherapy as a complementary treatment, along with acupuncture and Chines herbs, to address many symptoms that are patients present to us. We find it extremely useful in treating many pain conditions especially low back pain, shoulder pain and knee pain.

Where are Homeopathic Injections Given?

Most people – especially those who are apprehensive about injections because they may have had bad experiences with injections in their childhood – are surprised how easily and quickly these injections are given. In fact, these injections cannot be compared with the usual injections given in conventional medicine.

They are not as painful as a normal injection because the needle used is very fine and the quantity injected is very small. Most of them are given into or just under the skin, others are given into specific muscle points or around joints. In most cases, several little injections are given in a specific zone (or in several areas) of the body at each session.

It is important to be aware that the products used in Homeopathic Injection Therapy are not as strong as conventional medication (e.g. painkillers, cortisone), and that they may not be as rapidly effective in the short term. This means that you may need 2 or 3 sessions before any improvement is noted. If you have had problems for several months or even years, it means looking for deeper causes and working on these.

When you realize that these products are natural products that do not have any major side effects, you may be motivated to be more patient than usual. In the long run, however, the results of this form of natural medicine are longer lasting because your physician tries to work on a deeper level encouraging the body’s own defense mechanism to make the necessary repairs.

Biopuncture – Safety & Efficacy

Biopuncture will always be performed according to the latest technical and safety standards. This includes a correct injection technique, and of course the use of sterile disposable material, so that transmission of disease (e.g. hepatitis, AIDS) is impossible.

The low dose homeopathic content of the injection ampoules means that the side-effects are negligible. All of the ampoules used for injection are FDA approved and are submitted to very strict quality control regulations and systems. In other words, both the technique and the products match today’s standards of quality and safety.

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