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Chinese Medicine – Acupuncture

    • – Gateway to Chinese medicine, health and wellness. A comprehensive source for all related information about acupuncture like articles, news and practitioner search.
    • Online acupuncture magazine with monthly issues. Also offers a search tool for acupuncturists and schools.
    • Alternative Medicine Foundation – AMFI is a nonprofit organization devoted to providing responsible information on alternative medicine, integrative and complementary medicine, and to conserving and respecting indigenous knowledge and ancient systems of medicine.
    • Alternative Medicine Magazine- Online magazine offering complementary and alternative medicine information about common health conditions, including natural remedies, holistic healthcare, healing foods, and practical solutions for self-care.
    • Blue Poppy Books – Publisher of books and educational products about Chinese medicine and acupuncture, professional seminars, continuing education via distance learning, and herbal products
    • Institute for Traditional Medicine – The Institute for Traditional Medicine, a non-profit organization in Portland, OR. ITM is dedicated to furthuring the knowledge, research and education of traditional medicine systems from around the world.
    • TCM Central – Traditional Chinese Medicine Resource Center… Acupuncture, Herbology and more.
    • TCM Directory – Chinese medicine directory website, a resource center for everything related to Chinese Medicine
    • – A wealth of information related to acupuncture theory, clinical applications, resources and research.
    • Giovanni Maciocia- Giovanni Maciocia is one of the most highly respected practitioners of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine in Europe. He has written countless books on TCM and his lectures are second to none. He is one of my personal favorites.


Chinese Herbs

    • Healthy World Online – Healthy World Online is the original Internet network for wellness, healthy living, alternative therapies, and mind-body-spirit health. Comprehensive, in-depth collection of expert content and services.
    • Herb Research Foundation- Learn about herbs for health from the nonprofit Herb Research Foundation. The foundation is dedicated to responsible, informed health care with medicinal plants.
    • HerbNet- A comprehensive site for all things herbal: Marketing, growing, using, and more. Covering all aspects of herbs: Medicinal, culinary, aromatic, and ornamental. We offer links to herbal associations, publications, information on herbs, and a calendar of events.
    • a comprehensive online resource and forum for current and aspiring practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).
    • HerbMed –  an interactive herbal database that links directly to the scientific evidence from MEDLINE and other research resources on the use of herbs for health, used by doctors, researchers, pharmacists, and patients.


Miscellaneous Alternative Health Resources

    • Natural Healing Guide- Comprehensive information about Medicinal Plants, Therapeutic Teas, Aromatherapy, Floral Essences, Homeopathy, Herbs and Spices, Natural Beauty, Nature Remedies, Garden Pharmacy, Ailments and Treatments, Self Healing Techniques, Gentle Diagnoses, Alternative Therapies for your health