Laser Acupuncture

Laser Acupuncture in Margate, Coconut Creek, Coral Springs
The Smart and Affordable Way to Optimal Health! The Biolight Laser Acupuncture system is a powerful and effective healing tool and a completely pain free way to experience acupuncture! Dr. Yelverton has protocols for many common conditions. Read on and learn more…


Coral Springs, Florida – The Biolight Aura PTL II Clinical Laser Acupuncture Program administered by Dr. Cheryl Yelverton is a breakthrough solution to finding the relief you have been searching for!

Imagine eating whatever you desire with the security that it won’t result in unwanted reactions or digestive discomfort, or bending down without back pain, or losing the weight that is making you sluggish or depressed… or finally quitting smoking and avoiding the terrible withdrawal symptoms. Imagine being well and having the energy to engage in the things you want to do!

Well that’s what this laser has shown to do in numerous test groups at our center in South Florida! If you’ve been searching for a natural, alternative and highly effective way of dealing with a stubborn medical condition this might be the program for you. Read on…


How it Works – The Aura PTL II Clinical Program integrates the best practices using the following modalities –

LASER THERAPY – Laser light applied on the body at specific points has been clinically proven to have powerful healing effects for a wide range of symptoms. It is totally safe for all ages and highly effective at treating many common conditions. Informational frequencies are carried to the cells of the body through the laser which communicates with the central nervous system in a very unique way; supporting the body to do what it was designed to do naturally, causing the release of natural chemicals which reduces stress and promotes balance in the body.

ACUPOINT STIMULATION – Acupoints are where peripheral nerves enter a muscle or where a nerve joins with the bone. When they are stimulated, as with a laser, they activate the body’s energetic system to bring about relief, balancing and natural healing.

SUBSTANCE SPECIFIC STRESS REDUCTION – Stress is often caused by an inappropriate neurological reaction to environmental triggers, sometimes known as an allergy. The Aura PTL II Laser incorporates targeted stress-inducing substance frequencies into the light therapy which serve to break these negative associations and painlessly eliminates the debilitating symptoms caused by this response cycle.

BIOENERGETIC TINCTURES & WHOLE FOOD GRADE NUTRTION – with cutting edge Bioenergetic tinctures and Whole Food Grade Nutrition, your body has the raw materials and energetic frequencies it needs to be strong and healthy.

Our Therapeutic Process Includes…

  • A customized care plan to address your most pressing concerns.
  • Laser therapy sessions last under 20 minutes and typically consist of 3 to 12 treatments.
  • Most people begin to see symptom relief after the first session.
  • A nutrition plan is designed to support and optimize healing and work in conjunction with other therapeutic remedies.

Benefits of the Aura PTL II Laser Acupuncture Program

  • Holistic programs that are individualized for each case.
  • Natural, painless,Β  noninvasive technology that requires no needling and no dietary restrictions.
  • Laser sessions last under 20 minutes.
  • Effective and long lasting results.
  • No side effects, no down time, no pharmaceuticals.
  • Affordable plans.
  • Reach your health goals. Start living healthy and pain free!

Here is a list of some of the many conditions treated

with the Aura PTL II Laser Therapy

  • Smoking Cessation ( 3 Session Just Stop program)
  • Digestive Issues
  • Athletes Foot/Nail Fungus
  • Allergies and Sensitivities
  • Adrenal Fatigue
  • Eye and Ear disorders
  • Glaucoma
  • Tinnitus
  • Bedwetting
  • Diabetes/Hormone Imbalances
  • Immune Support
  • Emotional Imbalances
  • RLS
  • System Detoxification
  • Thyroid Imbalance
  • Herpes Simplex Pain
  • Acute and Chronic Fatigue
  • Musculoskeletal Pain
  • Shingles Pain
  • Dementia/ADD
  • Arthritis/Joint Pain
  • Parasitic Host
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Neurological Pain
  • Paresthesias
  • Trigeminal neuralgia
  • Carpal tunnel
  • Diabetic neuropathy
  • Nerve root compression/ Sciatica
  • Tremors
  • Skin Disorders
  • Tendinitis / Fasciitis
  • Warts/Moles
  • Insomnia
  • Post-traumatic Pain
  • Cancer Support
  • Anxiety/Depression/Stress
  • Post-surgical Pain
  • Anti-aging
  • Vasculitis/Varicose Veins

If you do not see your condition listed above please call us to find out if Dr. Cheryl Yelverton can treat your specific condition. She is developing new and effective protocols each year to meet the needs of her patients.

Call today to schedule a session with Dr. Cheryl Yelverton and start reaping the benefits of Laser! Laser Acupuncture is an effective, pain free and affordable way to treat many conditions. Our clinic serves the cities of Margate, Coconut Creek, Coral Springs, Parkland and the surrounding areas in Broward County, Florida.