Acupuncture Success Stories

Acupuncture Sucess Stories - Margate, Coral Springs, Coconut Creek Florida

We take pride in what we do and this reflects in our outcomes with patients. Below are testimonials that our patients have submitted to us to post here. You can read some of our online reviews for Robert Herbst AP and our Google Reviews Page for the The Acupuncturists, Inc.

Margate has a couple of the most trustworthy and reliable acupuncturists in South Florida! Dr Robert Herbst and Dr Landon Agoado are beyond reputable and they both have immaculate and sincere bedside manners, enough to make anyone feel instantly comfortable no matter how accustomed they are to acupuncture and traditional chinese medical practices.

It’s definitely worth paying them a visit – they have a very nice, new office setting (that’s also easily accessible – great location and user friendly parking), and they are both very friendly (as is their supportive office staff). Not to mention the fact that they both seem genuinely concerned for your well being which is a fresh change from most of the businesses and medical offices nowadays.

These guys know their stuff and make a great team of acupuncture physicians; I have seen them both for a variety of serious medical conditions and they work together seemlessly and very efficiently. Highly recommended!! ~ Lauren (Coconut Creek FL)

The acupuncturists at Care Wellness are AMAZING! Like many people, I was skeptical of acupuncturists and had my reservations, however after spending seven months visiting doctor’s offices, taking countless amounts of tests and medicines, doing endless amounts of research, spending thousands of dollars, depressed and frustrated, because there was no diagnosis or treatment plan, I finally found my Miracle Healer (Dr. Robert!). After two months of treatment, Dr. Robert was able to STOP my unusual pain! After trying to convince MANY doctors that I thought my birth control device was the cause of my pain, it was ONLY Dr. Robert who could confirm this for me and was able to treat me for my pain! I have been pain free for 2 months!! Dr. Robert has improved the quality of my life tremendously.

Both Dr. Landon and Dr. Robert are FANTASTIC! They are professionals, sincere, knowledgeable and have excellent bed-side-manor. When both doctors have an unusual case (as in mine), they set their “EGO’s” aside to work together as a team to help better treat their patient. Healing the patient is their top priority! I highly recommend these doctors for any aliment or sickness you are struggling with.

The office is clean and has a relaxation feel to it. The office staff is friendly, attentive and EAGER to help. They PAY ATTENTION to you and your needs, something VERY hard to find in the medical field today! You will not be disappointed with these doctors and staff. As with any treatment, please remember to be patient and allow your body to heal. In some cases, acupuncture takes a while to work, and you need to give it time, but TRY IT with these Doctors and you will not be disappointed! ~ Denise (Margate, FL)

Dr Robert Has saved my life! A few years ago, I was fortunate enough to meet him and he has been treating me with acupuncture ever since. I just had a child and was suffering from anxiety and depression. I had tried many things, but nothing was working. I had never tried acupuncture and was skeptical but decided to give it a try. He was very confident, knowledgeable and understanding of my condition and made me feel very comfortable. His bedside manner was excellent even when I was at my most fragile state, he was very kind and supportive.

I felt a difference after the very first treatment. I continued seeing him initially two times a week for the first two weeks and then once a week for another month or so. He took me out of a place that I thought I would never or could ever get out of. He is a true professional. He has changed my life for the better. He is an excellent acupuncturist that truly cares and goes above and beyond the call of duty. I am very grateful! THANK YOU ~ Jessica (Margate, FL)

When I first came to Dr. Landon my children’s health was on a downward spiral due to the toxic Chinese drywall that my house was built with. They were constantly sick, and antibiotics were no longer working. They had eventually become allergic to many of the antibiotics. Dr. Landon was able to get their symptoms under control even while we lived there unknowingly. And anytime they got sick, he was able to get them well without the use of any antibiotics. I have since moved out of state and unfortunately no longer live near Dr. Landon. He is a Dr. who cares about people rather than his pockets and we are forever grateful for that. ~ Tammy (Georgia)

Thank you, Dr Robert!!! I am totally a believer in acupuncture!!! I went from being completely depressed and my stress level was so high, that it had my blood pressure up to 160 over 100, to today feeling so much better. I didn’t have the shakes or feel like bursting into tears. I FEEL GREAT!!!  ~ Cecilie (Coconut Creek Florida)

Dr. Landon Agoado has been friendly, compassionate, and professional making a difficult process easier. I started seeing him while going through IVF and it is my belief that without his assistance during IVF my pregnancy would not have been successful. I continued to see him throughout my pregnancy for morning sickness, migraines and carpel tunnel in my wrist and continue seeing him for migraines. He is always available to answer questions or concerns. I would strongly recommend Dr. Landon to friends or family. He holds a place in my family’s hearts forever. ~ Allison (Weston, Fl)

This works! I have tried all kinds of diets that didn’t work because I was always hungry. Acupuncture curbed my appetite. I eat sensibly and control my portions and I am never hungry. I have consistently lost weight and inches since I started acupuncture and the nutrition program. But the most amazing thing was that acupuncture cured my chocolate craving. I used to eat an 8-ounce bag of Hershey Kisses every day. I would panic if I didn’t have chocolate in the house. After my very first acupuncture treatment, I had no chocolate cravings. AMAZING! Thank you so much! ~ Carol (Coral Springs, Fl)

After two years of struggling, two years of testing costing tons of money, two years of frustration due to numerous miscarriages, I was referred to Dr Landon Agoado by a friend (who he helped get pregnant in a similar seemingly hopeless situation) and now all I can say is if it wasn’t for his compassion, spirit and Traditional Chinese Medical knowledge, we would have given up. Good thing we didn’t! I just gave birth to a 6lb 5 oz beautiful boy who was just named “Landon” so we never forget the Angel he has been to us. ~ Stephanie (Miami, FL)

Over the years, especially into my 50’s, my weight steadily climbed. I would diet, lose 2 lbs., then gain 4lbs. back. I felt out of control. With the help of acupuncture, I achieved a kickstart to my metabolism and a balance to my body and mind. My cravings for sweet and salty foods had diminished. My 25 lb. weight loss goal was met with out stress. Thank you! ~ Valerie O. (Coral Springs, Fl)

I used Dr. Landon during my infertility treatments and have a beautiful new baby as a result ~ Laura (West Palm Beach FL)

Dr Robert, I wanted to thank you for all your help and support when I was doing IVF.  I gave birth to a healthy baby boy on January 25th, 2010. He weighed 6lbs. 3 oz”. I really believe that acupuncture before IVF, and acupuncture during IVF (the before and after treatments you gave me) made the difference.   ~ Ana P (Coral Springs FL)

Dr Landon is such a special physician, more should have his heart, energy and knowledge! An amazing healer. Is truly there for the patients and is understanding and caring. I would recommend him to everyone. ~ Chloe (Boca Raton)

Dr Robert, I will be stopping by today so you can meet the twins.  You made it possible after two failed IVF’s. After God, you made my dream come true! ~ Emily (Lauderhill FL)

Dr Landon is an amazing healer. He has a true gift of healing. A wonderful personality. A very knowledgeable and caring doctor. None more sensitive to your needs than this young man. ~ Walter (Coconut Creek)

Dr Herbst is the best. I had a total knee replacement. I was scheduled to have another operation because the doctor messed up the operation. After 3 months of acupuncture with Dr Herbst the swelling no longer exists, and I can now walk without a cane. Now I will not require another operation. ~ Carl F. (Coral Springs, Fl)

Dr Landon is a wonderful doctor and a wonderful human being who is doing his best to be a help and an inspiration to everyone he touches with his spirit. ~ Mindy (Pompano Beach)

Dr Robert is knowledgeable and caring. After only 5 visits I am practically pain free in my low back and sciatica. After 1 visit I felt an amazing difference and much of the pain was gone. He has also helped me resolve some minor and annoying health and digestive issues. ~ Barbara S. (Coral Springs, Fl)

I was diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Dr Herbst gave me 3-4 acupuncture treatments and the condition is much better. My wrist is feeling fine now. If things had continued on the same path, without acupuncture treatment, I’m sure surgery would have been in the near future. I am now a firm believer that acupuncture can solve many ailments. ~ David B. (Coral Springs, Fl)

I was suffering from a herniated disc in my neck and two herniations in my lower back which cause pain over my right shoulder and down my arm along with sciatic pain. I was taking pain meds to alleviate the pain. I started getting treatments 3 x a week with acupuncture as part of my treatment plan and I was a bit concerned because past efforts with acupuncture had no benefits. When I met Dr Herbst, we hit it off immediately because of his understanding of patient’s needs and pain relief. The acupuncture treatments I received from Dr Rob relieved a lot of the pain I was experiencing. After the first treatment more mobility came to my neck and the pain in my back, down my shoulder, and lower sciatic began to improve dramatically. I highly recommend the acupuncture offered by Dr Robert. My overall quality of life has improved. ~ James H. (Boca Raton, Fl)

I have known Dr. Robert Herbst for over 5 years, during this time I have come to know him and respect him. He has a passion for health and healing and is highly dedicated and committed to his craft. He has a deep grounding in psychology and his skill and knowledge not only with Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine, but also with infertility is advantageous to anyone seeking treatment. ~ Tony Willcox, AP, DOM – “Official Acupuncturist” – NHL’s Florida Panthers

I was trying to lose weight and quit smoking at the same time. I researched acupuncture for weight loss online and read a lot of reviews that were positive, so I looked up to see if there were any certified acupuncturists in the area and that’s when I found Robert Herbst. I’ve been seeing him once a week for the past month and a half and I’ve lost some pounds and a lot of inches. But the very best part is that I have less of a desire to smoke and I am much more relaxed than I have been in months. Dr Robert has been very patient and supportive throughout this whole process.  ~ Deema M. (Coconut Creek, Fl)

I was experiencing attacks of TMJ. The pain in my face and jaw was unbearable. After one treatment with acupuncture the pain had dissipated. By the next day the pain was completely gone. Dr Robert really helped me so much. Thank you! ~ Anne S. (West Boca, Fl)

Dr. Robert helped me overcome a lot of discomfort stemming from carpal tunnel syndrome in my right hand. After two treatments my pain had diminished, and I was able to play golf again. ~ John A. (Bronx, NY)

I had acid reflux for nearly two years and the doctor had me on a daily medication. At the time I was only 27 years old and didn’t like the fact that I’d have to take medication every single day for who knows how long (maybe forever!). Even while on the medication, the acid reflux didn’t go away completely. I was waking up in the middle of the night due to the pain and having to sleep sitting up. After much frustration, I went to see Dr. Landon Agoado. He decided to try herbs before acupuncture. I wound up taking some herbs twice a day for a few months…within DAYS I was feeling the relief. WOW…what a difference! After a few months of herbs, I was able to completely get off the prescription medication. It’s been a few YEARS now and on a very rare occasion my acid reflux will act up due to stress and I go right back to Dr. Agoado. The herbs help every time. I’m one of Dr. Agoado’s biggest fans and would highly recommend him to everyone. He is so knowledgeable and helpful. Thanks Doc! 🙂 ~ Ileana (Coral Springs, Fl)

My own Dr basically dismissed my back pain as being caused by sleeping wrong or not stretching enough prior to a workout. His offer to “inject me to see if that helps”, seemed to be as much of a waste of time for me, as it seemed to be of his, judging by his attitude. Sitting down with Dr. Landon for a few visits has really changed my opinion of this field of practice! He was very patient, very knowledgeable, and very helpful. Thanks Dr. Landon! ~ Marc (Boca Raton, Fl)

Dr. Landon helped me with my back pain. I value his expertise and knowledge with herbs and acupuncture. As a fellow Acupuncturist i trust him with my health care needs anytime. He is very skilled and caring. I know many patients that he has helped. ~ Andrea (Plantation, Fl)

I tried acupuncture for digestive issues (IBS) and for hemorrhoids after the birth of my third child. The combination of herbs and needles over the course of a few weeks actually made a big difference. I also made changes to my diet and added probiotics and I have to say I really feel like my old self again. Dr Landon really worked with me to find supplements and herbs that were tolerable to my system and after several acupuncture treatments I found that my reactions to certain foods had changed considerably. I am continuing to work on other issues, but I am very grateful for the progress so far. Thank you, doc! ~ Cathy Z (Boca Raton, Fl)

Best of the best – As a fellow Acupuncture Physician, I only trust my care to highly skilled colleagues. Dr. Herbst and Dr Agoado are highly skilled and very talented Physicians and Herbalists. You will be impressed by not only their techniques, but their pleasant bedside manner and effective communication skills. I highly recommend them. ~ David Green AP, DOM, Dipl. OM (Boynton Beach, Fl)

Wow ok now i’m a believer! I have to say that I was not always a strong believer in accupuncture but that has changed since I visited The Accupuncturists! I have had chronic knee pain for about 3 years. Some days are worse then others but I usually just pop motrin and deal with the pain. Of course my luck I go on my first vacation in a year and my knee became so inflamed i could barely walk much less relax on a beach in florida. My boyfriend receives accupuncture for his back pain and insisted I try it so we did some research and found the accupuncturist in south florida–which seemed to have a great reputation. Dr. Rob was extremely patient with me–he explained the procedure in detail. He was so knowledgable about my condition and how to treat it. What a difference from regular doctors that I’ve seen! Most either want to do surgery or pump me up with steroids!!! Dr. Rob literally perfomed “a miracle” on me! I was in agony when i walked in and made a complete 360 when i left. He made time to see me 2 more times once just to answer all my annoying questions and another to treat the inflamation and he even spent time explaining and prescribing different herbs to help me with my thyroid problem. I can honestly say having accupuncture has changed my quality of life! unfortunately i live in ny and cannot visit the clinic in south florida but i will def visit on my next vacation–i’m a true believer now! ~ Elise (NYC)

For years I had problems with my ankle from playing soccer all my life. A friend told me about acupuncture, and I was skeptical to say the least. Not willing to jump into having treatment, I consulted with Dr Landon and his wonderful staff. The knowledge they show and experience these doctors have; I became more open to needles being stuck in me. After 6 weeks of treatment, I was able to wake up without having the need to “crack” my ankle in the morning. There are several acupuncture therapists in South Florida, however, I have had no reason to even think of seeking another acupuncture doctor as I continue to be a satisfied patient and friend with the staff at CARE Wellness Center. ~ Michael G (Coral Springs Fl)

After having stomach issues for a few weeks, I decided to go to a doctor to see what was causing me pain. For the next 6 months I spent time going to different doctors while they guessed what was wrong with me and continued to misdiagnose me. As part of my trips to the doctors I was given many different medicines which eventually made me get sicker and sicker to the point that I could only eat toast and drink water. One day I was talking to my realtor, and she mentioned she has similar stomach issues and problems and eventually tried acupuncture. The led me to reach to to Dr. Landon to see if he could help me. On my first visit he asked me what medicine I was taking and immediately told me to get off all the meds. After a few weeks of seeing Dr. Landon, I felt like a new person and after another month or so I was back to myself. This was over 5 years ago, and I have not had a problem since. I would now go to Dr Landon before trying traditional medicine. ~ Jason K (Margate Fl)

Dr. Agoado is a very skilled and caring acupuncturist. He has been expertly trained to treat many conditions successfully. I would highly recommend his services and treatments on an ongoing basis. ~ Alix Landman, MPH, RD, CDE – Landman & Associates, Inc. –

I am a psychotherapist who has referred many clients, friends, and family members to Dr. Landon Agoado. I can’t be happier with the results. Everyone raves about his calming demeanor, expertise, and incredible ability to work on all issues from infertility, to headaches, to high blood pressure. People who have been frustrated with Western medicine or can’t get any real answers from their doctors, are delighted to finally find someone who understands and can help. He is so honest, genuine, knowledgeable, and caring..which is so difficult to find in a practitioner nowadays..that he is able to give people hope and courage to move forward in life and not give up. I feel truly honored to have such a gifted practitioner in my life that I am able to refer to and work together with in helping people heal. Thank you Dr. Agoado for your dedication. ~ Margie Mader, LMFT,C.Ht. –

Dr. Landon Agoado has helped improve the overall health for me and my entire family for the past nine years. His treatments have been successful for treating migraines, maintaining healthy pregnancies, and resolving severe asthma and allergies. Dr. Landon Agoado listens and shows true care and compassion to all of his patients. All treatments are unique for each individual patient and always work. ~ Elisa (Pembroke Pines FL)

I suffered years of painful periods. My cramps were so debilitating and uncomfortable that I would miss days of work each month lying in bed with a heating pad doubled over in pain. I would take over the counter pain medications all day long which ended up hurting my stomach.

Many Years ago, I was diagnosed with endometriosis and was afraid that I would have a hard time conceiving.
After meeting with Dr. Landon Agoado and sharing my story, he immediately started me on herbs and began acupuncture treatments. Within a few short months my periods became much more manageable. I found the acupuncture treatments both relaxing and invigorating. The best part of the story is that I’ve been pregnant three times since starting my treatments! Dr. Landon has the best bedside manner of any physician I’ve ever met.
~ Shari (Delray Beach FL)

My son and I have been patients of Dr. Landon’s for 10 years now. When we first met Dr. Landon, my son was three years old and suffered from over 80 allergies. During his first three years of life, we made frequent visits to the pediatrician and pulmonologist. It seemed he was constantly on antibiotics and using a nebulizer. Dr. Landon cured him of all his allergies through NAET. My son has not taken any prescription medications since meeting Dr. Landon. He makes an annual visit to the pediatrician for his well visit and any other ailments from a cold to the flu to sports injuries, we see Dr. Landon who recommends either homeopathic remedies, acupuncture or Chinese herbs. I, too, have benefited immensely from seeing Dr. Landon. He has treated my hemiplegic migraines, arthritis, osteopenia and the symptoms of menopause. I go for annual checkups to my internist and gynecologist for exams and bloodwork, and see Dr. Landon for everything else! Like my son, I have not taken any prescription medication in ten years! Dr. Landon makes you well without the need for prescription drugs that often have unpleasant, or in some cases, long-term side effects. But, most of all, Dr. Landon is a kind, compassionate doctor who is truly devoted to providing the best care for his patients. Dr. Landon is someone that my son admires and confides in. Dr. Landon is the Quintessential Family Doctor! ~ Sandy (Coral Springs FL)

Care and wellness are the right words for this place of caring and healing. The doctors with their different backgrounds work together to take care of your whole self not just an isolated symptom. I have had so much success with treatment here – Dr Landon’s acupuncture and Chinese medicine, Dr Whitten’s wide nutrition and whole-body knowledge are just starting points. I’ve had successful treatment for three different things where MD’s and traditional therapies couldn’t help. I really can’t say enough good about my CARE Wellness experiences. ~ Pat G. (Oakland Park FL)

What prompted me to choose Acupuncture, and Dr. Landon’s practice is that he was highly recommended by friends and a family member. My chiropractor and my family doctor, although very good at treating most of my medical conditions, could not help me with the symptoms I was experiencing. I had become very stressed out at work, had numbness and tingling in my shoulder from using my mouse, and suffered from debilitating Migraine Headaches. I did have concerns that Eastern Medicine might contradict my spiritual beliefs. I was delighted to find that it did not. In fact, I used the time I was in treatment to relax and even meditate in my own way. After my first visit I experienced some relief, but it took a few more visits before I fully realized the benefits of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs. My favorite feature of treatment was that Dr. Landon took the time to explain everything he did in a way I could understand. What I really appreciate about the approach taken was that acupuncture not only brings relief to a certain symptom, it also affects your whole body bringing it back into balance and good health. I have recommended Dr. Landon to all of my friends and family because I truly believe he can help them to attain good health. He has become a valuable player in my good health and feeling of wellbeing. Even my Family Doctor has commented on my improvement and is recommending acupuncture to his patients. ~ Laurie (North Lauderdale, FL)

I have been going to Dr. Landon Agoado for a number of years on and off when pain or other issues strike…and amazingly enough, his gentle “touch” appears to cure me as I feel better immediately. His demeanor is wonderful, he is a caring individual and does his utmost to help all his patients. His staff reflects equally as good as Dr. Agoado himself….never a wait, always polite and provides needed assistance. I have absolutely no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Dr. Landon Agoado and have done so and everyone was completely satisfied with his care and helping their problems. ~ Rhona (Boca Raton Fl)

By trade, I’m a teacher. I teach high school computer science and mathematics. Both courses go through reams of paper. I need to grade the application code from my budding programmers, so I write on the printed sheets of code from them in order to show them the corrections they need to take. In math classes, students turn in sheets of hand-written problems solved. This makes for lots of paper shuffling and my hands are the first place that my fibromyalgia showed up.

I recently rediscovered sewing and quilting as an enjoyable pastime. This involves hours of cutting fabric, pulling and tugging large pieces of completed quilt-tops, and intricate pinning and guiding the sewing machine without stitching my fingers to the finished pieces. These physical activities started showing wear with my age and the always present fibromyalgia. In order to enjoy my favorite hobby, I needed to find some respite. My grip has not been what it should be for about 15 years. Pain and lack of strength made me wonder if I could perform simple tasks like making dinner for my family. In the classroom, I would drop papers, whiteboard markers, and my typing speed suffered greatly (I’m at a computer for a good part of the workday). And with my rediscovery of sewing and quilting, my hands were now working about 14 hours a day and not performing as I wanted.

Suffering from frequent severe headaches and the lack of control in my hands, I went to a neurologist, who found slipped disks in the MRI. My husband had suffered from slipped disks a few years earlier and had found relief from a chiropractor, so I went to the same doctor and not only found relief from the headaches, but also met Dr. Landon Agoado, who brought back some strength and accuracy to my hands and more relief from my aching neck, shoulders, and upper back.

Dr. Landon is one of the most gentle and compassionate doctors that I’ve ever been to. The treatments that I receive are described and administered with kindness that most doctors don’t take time for. He leaves time for questions; I feel that he has not just seen me for the treatment, but has actually SEEN me as a human being, and not as just a patient in the office. Even though the office is a bit of a drive for me, I’d recommend that people in need of his services make themselves the priority necessary for their well-being and see Dr. Landon. He has done wonders for me. ~ Patricia Y (Parkland Fl)

I met Dr. Landon Agoado just a few short months ago when I came to him with my 12-year-old daughter. She had been suffering with painful ovarian cysts resulting in loss of an ovary and multiple surgeries since the age of 9. Since being under Dr. Agoado?s care and treatment, she has not developed any new cysts for the first time in 2 years and her remaining ovary is functioning normally. I am watching my daughter slowly become whole again after what has been a traumatic past couple year. Dr. Agoado has truly made a difference in our lives and given us hope for her reproductive future. I am incredibly grateful to Dr. Agoado for his insight, compassion and genuine concern for my daughter’s wellbeing. ~ Gilda (Margate Fl)

I first went to see Landon about 8 years ago, after I had been struggling with postpartum depression for over a year and a half. I had tried a lot of natural things to try and gain some relief, but nothing truly made me feel better. With in a few days of the treatment and herbs he gave me I felt “full of life” again. I had feared that I was just not a good mom because I felt so grouchy and short fused all the time, what a relief to find that those were just symptoms of my body being out of balance and that the right acupuncture and herbs could help me be the kind of mom I always wanted to be.

Over the years I’ve tried a number of different things to try and treat myself for my imbalances and I always end up coming back to him. I tell my friends, of all the things I’ve tried, Landon’s treatments & herbs are the only thing that make a noticeable difference in how I feel. He is very insightful and accurate in his treatment. He sees the whole person and addresses the underlying reasons behind the symptoms.

Here’s a list of some of the things Landon has helped me with: depression, mood swings, stress, irritability, feeling overwhelmed, conception herbs, pregnancy, herbs for breast feeding, Reynaud’s phenomenon, hives, headaches, heart palpitations, menstrual trouble, thyroid issues, trouble sleeping, lack of energy, too much intensity…you name it, he can balance it! If you are a mom, you owe it to your kids to see Landon. ~ Jennifer H (Margate Fl)

Dr. Landon is absolutely amazing! I had major insomnia and anxiety issues (BIG TIME) and within 3 months, I was sleeping quite soundly without drugs (herbs only). I couldn’t believe it! I went for acupuncture every week and was so excited to find something other than prescrition drugs that helped me sleep. Dr. Landon made me feel at ease and answered all of my questions…some he knew the answers to before I even asked!!
Thank you! ~ Cara L (Coconut Creek Fl)

Dr. Landon is professional, caring and compassionate. He is truly interested in his patient’s wellbeing. As a result of his sincerity for patient’s, he is a leader in his field of accupuncture and holistic medicine. My children and I look forward to our visits with Dr. Landon! ~ Leeanna F (Coral Springs Fl)

As a Type-I Juvenile Diabetic with Hypothyroidism and High Blood-Pressure, I was having an extremely difficult time managing all three conditions with traditional western medicine. I was diagnosed at the age of 12, and as I grew into adulthood (am now 35), it became increasingly difficult to live any semblance of a normal life.

The first time I met Dr. Agoado, unlike traditional doctors I had seen, he sat me down and simply talked to me and put me completely at ease, and explained his methodology in a way that made me look at the human body a bit differently, and in a way that made sense. He recommended I start with herbal treatments to help lower my blood sugars and control my anxiety as well as thyroid and blood pressure conditions, while starting me on weekly Acupuncture treatments.

The Acupuncture therapy was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. Dr. Agoado explained the methodology behind this treatment, and as I relaxed in an extremely comfortable environment, I began to feel better. After about ten minutes into my first session, I felt a wave of calm come over me, and ironically felt the urge to cry. Now, this sounds strange, but it was a good feeling, as if all of the negative energy and emotions I had built up for so many years, was slowly leaving my body. I have continued to see Dr. Agoado, and not only has my anxiety dissipated, but after only a short while, my blood sugars dropped, I no longer had the extreme fatigue I experienced for so long, and my life was back to normal. I cannot thank Dr. Agoado and his staff enough as they truly changed my life. ~ Damon (Coral Springs, FL)

It’s been so long since I’ve felt no pain. Who would’ve thought… Acupuncture! 5 Doctors couldn’t help me. Thank you Dr. Landon, from the bottom of my heart. I almost forgot how wonderful life was without pain… ~ Indebted Forever, Erin A (Boca Raton Fl)

Dr. Landon is my saving grace. I couldn’t have gotten through these last few months without him. He is compassionate, professional, and most of all a gentle soul. He truly is an expert in his field. Anyone that has the privilege to receive his treatment and care is blessed. ~ Brianna (Coral Springs, Florida)

Having sustained three rear end collisions over the past twenty years I’ve been a patient of the chiropractors at Care Wellness for just as long. I have fairly frequent neck, head, and shoulder pain which requires attention and I’ve always turned to the wonderful doctors there for treatment. In the past few years two acupuncturists, Dr. Robert and Dr. Landon, joined the practice and I was persuaded to try acupuncture despite my GREAT fear of needles. To my surprise it didn’t hurt, and it helped with the pain! Both Dr. Landon and Dr. Robert are very gentle, and I’ve come to find out they’ve both taught acupuncture at the University of Miami School of Medicine so they’re quite knowledgeable and will take the time to explain what they’re doing. I highly recommend all the doctors there. ~ Gail (Coconut Creek, Florida)