Acupuncture and Insurance Coverage

Good news! Acupuncture treatment is oftentimes covered by insurance. Our staff will gladly verify your coverage prior to your first treatment. Just give us a call at 954-586-2273 and we’ll verify your coverage today.

We have been able to successfully obtain reimbursement from the following insurance companies:

1. Aetna ( WE ARE IN NETWORK!)
2. Cigna ( WE ARE IN NETWORK!)
3. United Healthcare ( WE ARE IN NETWORK!)
4. Blue Cross Blue Shield – State and Federal –  (We are in the BCBS Discount Program) If you have BCBS you may have  OUT OF NETWORK BENEFITS. Call us to confirm!
 We are also in the following Discount Programs…
  • Humana…  (20% OFF thru Healthways Discount Program)
  • Coventry…  (We offer 30% OFF thru Coventry Discount Program)

We have also obtained reimbursement from the following insurance providers…

  • Vista
  • United Benefit
  • Integral Quality Care ( WE ARE IN NETWORK!)
  • Many self-insured corporations
  • Most auto-insurance companies

Acupuncture and Insurance Coverage for Margate Residents

OUR FAX # IS 954-586-8600